Dec 29

Fireplace Thoughts for a New Year by Katherine Burik

home-peopleRusty sat by the fireplace and considered the year. He was content. This was a good year. A little rocky at the start but the year smoothed out as it unfolded. Lots of changes early on. A new home. New people. But he got used to it. All in all a pretty good year.

What makes a good year? A question I don’t think about all that often. The idea doesn’t come up often. I just go from day to day just trying to take it all in without thinking much about specifics. I guess a good year means survival for one thing. But more than survival, a good year means being surrounded by good people, people who love me. Making my people happy.

I am not sure how much control I really have over my life anyway. How much control does anyone have to make plans and resolutions? We are all subject to whims of life. Now I sound like a philosopher. How ridiculous. Get over yourself, kid.

If I am being honest, though, sometimes I feel a little helpful and dependent. That feeling comes over me more often these days. I used to be so independent. I would tear around from one project to another, from one person to another flitting here and there in a whirlwind of action. Not so much these days. I am content with less. Quiet peaceful contentment is my goal lately.

How much influence do I really have these days? I am slower. I don’t get out like I used to. Stairs are tough. My back aches and sleeping is so much more enticing than it might have been before. I see Kate in the corner hard at work at the computer again. Where does she get all that energy? These days I like to watch her but it is harder to keep up.

Next year seems so far away. The idea of planning and making resolutions seems like a lot of effort.

Buck up, kiddo! I still have things to do, places to go, people to see don’t I? I love being with Kate. We go way back, since I was young and full of energy. She still loves to run in the morning. These days I jog to the corner and wait till she comes back. It is all I can do but at least I am still getting out there.

87398048988733510_At8KXgZ2_bBeing with people I love is all I ask. Seeing the people I love happy comes back to me tenfold even if I am slower now than when I was younger.

I am a little concerned about the kids. They don’t come around like they used to, don’t pay much attention to me when they do come by. I don’t get out like I used to so I can’t go visit as often.

Cut it out. I am still in the game, aren’t I? I can still make the effort. So what if I am a little slower. Next year will be great. I want to walk more frequently, every day out of the house for a while to get some fresh air. I want to travel, see the kids, and see new places. I would like to go somewhere warm where I can play in the water, swim every day if I want. Smile.

“Rusty, come on boy. Time for a walk. Good boy, let me get your leash. Let’s get in a little run before dinner. Good boy!”

It’s going to be a great year!

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  1. drichof7

    Interesting story, it wasn’t to hard to figure out that she was talking about the dog, but then she could have been talking other things right?

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