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10 Ways to Stand Out From the Crowd on LinkedIn by Celeste Teylar

“Be different, stand out, and work your butt off.” Reba McEntire


According to LinkedIn’s Press Center, “As of January 9, 2013, LinkedIn operates the world’s largest professional network on the Internet with more than 200 million members in over 200 countries and territories.” If you don’t have an account, open one today. If you have a LinkedIn account, you’re probably wondering how you can stand out from the crowd.

You may not be comfortable with standing out, but you’ll have to get over it if you want to get noticed on LinkedIn.

Standing out on LinkedIn is the way clients find you; how recruiters find you, and how you make connections. Here are 10 ways to stand out from the crowd on LinkedIn and get noticed.

10 Ways to Stand Out from the Crowd on LinkedIn and Get Noticed

Upload a professional profile with a red border. According to Jamie Turner, founder of the 60 Second Marketer, “human beings are much more likely to notice the color red than any other color in the spectrum.” In his blog post, “One Insanely Simple Trick You Can Use to Boost Your Social Media Visibility,” Jamie suggests using the Turner Box, which is the simple technique of putting a red box around your profile picture to make you stand out on social media sites.


Write a solid profile summary. Don’t post your resume in the Profile Summary section of LinkedIn. Instead, write a LinkedIn profile summary that differentiates you from your business or company. Show off your personality. Here’s an example for a writer: “I am a freelance copywriter with over 10 years’ experience writing for the B2B market. My focus has been on writing compelling copy for brochures, emails, newsletters, landing pages, squeeze pages, and long form sales letters. I enjoy writing and encourage you to contact me any time for a copy critique. Thanks!” Include one or two of your most recent projects.

Use recommendations wisely. Not every recommendation will help you stand out for the right reasons. Ask former and current co-workers, bosses, and clients with whom who have a trusting business relationship with to write you a clear and concise recommendation.

Write a headline that’s eye-catching. Writers know and understand the importance of writing headlines that sell. Incorporate keywords in your headline and communicate who you are and what you do.

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Choose quality connections over quantity. You may be tempted to reach 500+ connections, but ask yourself, “How many of them will be quality connections? Don’t be in such a hurry to increase your connections just because everyone else has 500+ connections. You don’t know if a person’s connections are real or fake or just for show? Get to know people first and then reach out to see if there’s a mutual business relationship that can be developed. Be helpful. Be sincere.

Upgrade your LinkedIn account. Upgrading to a premium LinkedIn account gives you the ability to send InMails to anyone on LinkedIn, see additional information about members who have viewed your profile, and receive additional search results. You can upgrade to a Business, Business Plus, or Executive account.

Authors, journalists, and writers can sign up for a free 35 minute teleseminar from the LinkedIn for Journalists group for which you’ll receive a free upgrade to a premium LinkedIn account. Joining LinkedIn for Journalists is a must for those who are serious about their writing career.

Create an ad. You can create an ad on LinkedIn just like you would Google, Facebook, or Twitter. Target a specific industry, job title, function, company size, seniority, or age. Select either PPC (pay per click) or PPI (pay per impression) and choose your budget. Create an A/B Split Test to see which ad words for you. You can stop your ads at any time.

Own a company, start a company page. Adding a company page is another way you can stand out from the crowd. Create a custom header and upload your company logo. Share job postings, blog posts, pictures, videos, articles, news, and events. List your company description, specialties, and groups. Build relationships with clients and customers and – collect reviews and recommendations.

social-media-iconsConnect on other social media sites. Spend time getting to know people on other social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, etc. Share and promote your content on these sites too.

Promote your LinkedIn account your website. Create a LinkedIn icon for your website or hire a web designer to create one for you. Place the LI icon in the top right-hand corner and or at the bottom of your website, right-hand corner. Make it easy for people to find you on LinkedIn.

To stand out on LinkedIn, you need to embrace who you are and what you do. Don’t copy another member’s profile summary or headline. If you do, you’ll be committing plagiarism and creating a bogus profile. Create a LinkedIn profile that’s unique to you.

If you want to improve your presence on LinkedIn, spend at least 15 minutes per day (or every other day) on the social media website. Join groups and add value to the discussions, be helpful. Promote your products and or services in groups that allow it.

Standing out is possible, but it could take time to develop your presence on LinkedIn. It’s better to build your presence slowly. Race to the finish line and you can miss important connections and information along the way.


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