Mar 13

Your Inner Child – RELEASED

Cover - Your Inner Child - Final 400X640How do you grow down when you grew up? It’s simple. You think about what made you happy as a child. Was it playing in the sandbox and building sandcastles? If it was, you can take a beach vacation and make sand castles on a white sandy beach while sipping a cool drink. If you enjoyed water activities as a child, you can visit a water park and have fun slipping and sliding down the water slides. Afterward, you can kick back in a lazy river and watch the world go by. Maybe you drew cartoons as a kid. You can enroll in a drawing class to reawaken your drawing skills, and then you can create a website and share your cartoon. Who knows? You could make a career change and become a cartoonist and or illustrator. Do you see how growing down can lead to happiness? All you have to do is tap into your childhood dreams and memories and put them to work in your adult life.

Everyone has an inner child waiting to come out and play whether they realize it or not. Your Inner Child will help you rediscover that little boy or girl within you that’s begging to come out. Playtime isn’t a chore, but a way to stay young at heart—creativity being awoken, senses becoming heightened.

This insightful book teaches readers that growing up doesn’t mean disconnecting from childhood; it doesn’t mean loosing sight of what you loved when you were younger; in fact it’s just the opposite. Grown ups need to have fun too. Letting off steam and acting goofy is good for you; it keeps you young at heart, it slows down the aging process—it diminishes those frown lines (but you may get laugh lines)!

Your Inner Child: Daily Meditations for the Young at Heart contains thirty-one meditations to help readers add a little fun into their daily lives. Each day starts off with a simple quote. Each quote is explained, the accompanied by a few words of wisdom in “Your Inner Child Whispers.” Each meditation also gives readers a little task or activity to allow that inner child to come out.

Whether it’s coloring in a coloring book, jumping in a puddle, or reminiscing about your favorite childhood toy, each activity will require a bit of creativity on the readers part, allowing them to add a little goofiness and fun into their daily routine.

Being an adult can be tough; skin becomes thick in order to deal with the realities of life. But, contrary to what people may think, letting out your inner child can help you deal with those harsh realities and enjoy life more. Next time life has you down, remember: Playtime + Laughter = The best medicine to heal and shift your life.

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