Mar 16

The Seussification of Life – RELEASED

Cover - The Seussification of Life 400X600Without further ado.

It’s time for you.

To curl up on a big comfy couch

or bed or rug or chair.

Please, don’t be scared.

For you are about to visit

places within yourself.

That may have sat on a shelf for many years.

Oh dear! Never fear.

The Seussification of Life is an intriguing book that allows readers to self-analyze their life and meditate on the direction they are headed. Unlike most meditation books however, the Seussification of Life takes quotes from the famous Dr. Seuss to create a fun, loving, and creative look at life. With quotes from the doctor and unique rhymes to match, the Seussification of Life shows readers the deeper meaning behind some of the most popular Dr. Seuss quotes and how they are still applicable in adult life.

With thirty-one daily meditations, this book allows readers to find a unique perspective on life and then apply it themselves through thought-provoking exercises that require writing, playing, self-reflection, and more. Not only will readers have the opportunity to remember and reflect on their favorite Dr. Seuss quotes and books, but they’ll be able to look at life with a child-like innocence and positivity that they may have lost as they’ve aged.

Unlike any other meditation book out there, the Seussification of Life: Daily Meditations for the Movin’ and Groovin’ Soul makes self-reflection fun, creative, and exciting. Prepare to remember your favorite Seuss book, your favorite Seuss quote, and access your inner child as you meditate on your past, present, and future in this hands-on book. 

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